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Bar Aviation Pioneers New Era in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Industry with Comprehensive Services

Bar Aviation is proud to announce its recognition as an approved member of the esteemed Uganda Mines and Oil industry. This significant milestone is a testament to our decades-long commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency, backed by our extensive expertise and capabilities in supporting the operations of oil and petroleum companies.

The oil and gas sector has been a formidable force in Uganda’s economic landscape, delivering fiscal and non-fiscal benefits that have transformed communities and industries alike. As we align ourselves with this influential sector, we are excited to unlock unprecedented opportunities that will catapult Uganda’s sustainable development to new heights.

Introducing BAR SOS: A Beacon of Safety and Reliability

At the heart of our partnership with the oil and gas industry is BAR SOS – our dedicated emergency response service. Designed to provide 24/7 support in times of crisis, BAR SOS is a beacon of safety and reliability for all stakeholders in the oil and gas sector providing duty of care.

Bolstering our commitment to providing unwavering support, we have also partnered with Magnus, a renowned Israel-based company. With their technical expertise, we aim to maintain constant vigilance and swift responses, ensuring that no emergency goes unattended.

Streamlining Transportation with Chartered and Unchartered Flights

In the path to simplify transportation logistics within the oil and gas industry, we offer both chartered and unchartered flights. Our services extend beyond scheduled flights, accommodating client-specific requirements to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency. With our robust fleet and expert pilots, we strive to deliver seamless transportation solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business.

Prioritizing Health and Safety with Rapid Medical Evacuations

Understanding the inherent health risks associated with the oil and petroleum industry, we have equipped ourselves to conduct swift medical evacuations. Our rapid response times and meticulous attention to safety underscore our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our fellow Ugandans.

Harnessing Technology with Advanced Drone Services

To further enhance our service offerings, we have rolled out advanced drone services. Equipped with capabilities such as 3D area surveys, danger detection including gas leakages, and all-weather surveillance, our drones are set to revolutionize risk management and operational efficiency in the oil and gas sector.

Mrs. Dorothy Kagaba Byenkya, Head of Oil and Petroleum and Charters at Bar Aviation, shares, “We are at a pivotal point, poised to enter into contracts with several oil and petroleum companies. These partnerships will not only guarantee safety on the mines and ease transportation logistics but also minimize risks. This, in turn, will propel the oil industry to become a significant contributor to Uganda’s economy.”

As we embark on this exciting journey, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering safety, reliability, and efficient services. With Bar Aviation at their side, stakeholders in Uganda’s oil and gas industry can look forward to a future of unprecedented growth and prosperity. Together, let’s create a new chapter in Uganda’s economic story.

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