Terms and Conditions


BAR SOS is a leading global health and safety risk management solution in Uganda. We are providing world-class health and security risk management. Supported by top experts and technologies and based at our BAR SOS 24/7 Emergency Coordination Center at BAR Aviation, Kajjansi Airfield in Uganda.

This cover includes the following services to clients, for the duration of the policy:

1.0 BAR SOS 24/7 – Emergency Response Coordination
Unlimited communication with BAR SOS 24/7 emergency response coordination center in Uganda (Phone/ App)
Coordination of response to any emergency situation

2.0 MAGNUS Safety Application*
24/7 operational mobile app
SOS button for immediate response
2 way Cellular / Data Communication
*Based on client’s cellular network – operational only when cellular network is available

3.0 Risk Prevention Push Alerts and Notifications
Updated Country Risk Assessment, guidance and recommendations – Risk Prevention Via APP – Automatic Alerting Based on Location

4.0 AIR Ambulance / Medical Evacuation Cover by BAR AVIATION
Aeromedical evacuations to the most suitable medical facility within Uganda using Bar AVIATION EMS (Emergency Medical Services) aircrafts (fixed wing) based in Uganda.
*this coverage is relevant only for the clients who have purchased BAR SOS cover
*Please see specific terms and conditions below


5.0 MAGNUS – GARMIN Satellite Device – When cellular network is not available
SOS button for immediate response
Tracking, navigation and communication
2 way Satellite Communication
Unlimited Satellite data communication
*There are no restrictions on messaging and SOS communications.
*Rental: the equipment should be picked up one day prior to the rental at the BAR Aviation facility in Kajjansi, where the training will take place, and should be returned up to 3 days after the rental.


BAR SOS AIR AMBULANCE cover includes the costs of the above services, and includes the cost of air medical evacuation, within the terms and conditions documented below.

This cover includes the costs of coordinating a response to emergency situations, it does not include the costs incurred during the response such as medical treatment and transfer by land to a medical facility.

BAR SOS subscription allows for the services specified in this document and unlimited air evacuations within Uganda in case of a medical emergency during the period of the cover. Evacuations will be made to the most suitable medical facility, within Uganda, using Bar AVIATION EMS (Emergency Medical Services) fixed wing aircraft.

Services can be requested by phone, email, or authorization form. All requests for Services will be documented and a copy provided by the requesting Client to BAR SOS.

BAR SOS undertakes to make every effort and uses its best endeavors to accommodate the Client’s requirements for patient evacuation.

BAR SOS retains the right to use its judgment in all cases particularly in circumstances involving the safety of people and aircraft. BAR SOS reserves the right to retain the final decision to evacuate. Any reasons for rejection of a request for evacuations will be given within a reasonable time.

Aero medical evacuations shall be subject to clearances from the relevant civil aviation authorities as well as operational considerations at the time of request and/ or confirmation of flight.

BAR SOS reserves the right to direct the member for consultation with a doctor, or relevant medical personnel to assess the members’ medical needs before an evacuation is activated.

Only registered clients are covered by this scheme. Subscription is not transferable between persons. Identification (passport or similar) will be required to confirm subscription status before the evacuation takes place.

All payments for the services are to be made in advance to BAR SOS in the prescribed form which shall be limited to Banks and online payment platforms.

BAR SOS will not pay for expenses arising from or authorize a free evacuation when requested in relation to any of the following:

● Out of hospital treatment – any out of hospital treatment or an evacuation that is requested for simple injuries like sprains or simple fractures and mild illnesses, which can be treated locally.
● Existing acute illness or injury at the time of enrollment – any evacuation for an acute illness or injury that a subscriber was being treated for at the time of or immediately prior to enrollment.
● In-patient medical cost – Any in-patient medical costs.
● Medevac by helicopters are not covered under this policy. These can however be arranged for a service fee.
● Willful acts or acts found to have been caused due to the negligence or recklessness and client participation in acts that may be dangerous.
● War, political violence, civil unrest – An evacuation for injury sustained as a result of willfully taking part in war, political violence or civil unrest.
● Search & Rescue – Search/rescue operations are not guaranteed if a subscriber is lost in a remote, inaccessible area.
● Criminal activity – any evacuation arising from or related to injuries sustained whilst engaging in a criminal or unlawful act.
● Contamination – the evacuation for any conditions arising directly or indirectly from chemical or biological contamination, however caused or from contamination caused from nuclear fission, ionizing radiation or by radioactivity from nuclear fuel or waste.
● Dispute resolution – Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce.
● Governing law – These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uganda.
● Confidentiality – BAR SOS shall maintain the confidentiality of all client information and shall not disclose it to any third party without the client’s prior written consent.
● Fraud – Whether attempted or actual, will be treated very seriously. Any detected fraud will render the subscriber liable to pay in full any costs incurred by BAR-SOS, who reserve the right to take legal action if necessary.

Outside of this scheme, it may be possible to offer evacuations on a fee for service basis to the member.

1. Flights to all locations are dependent on runway conditions and weather at the time of request.
2. Prices quoted are subjected to change without notice due to the prevailing conditions. Price changes for Clients with existing MOUs will be communicated 30 days before.
3. The aircraft will only take off after all necessary authorizations/ landing permits, weather, turnaround time are all in place. The domestic flights will only be day operations due to clearances and time restricted take-offs and landings on domestic aerodromes.


1.0 Emergency Coordination and Response

BAR-SOS is a leading global health and security company, providing tailored emergency coordination and response to crises. Our coordination center is based at Kajjansi, Uganda and backed by our colleagues in Israel, meaning 24/7 availability.

Examples of situations that might require action include:

● Access to a doctor, either via telemedicine, or through our extensive network of health facilities;
● Rapid arrangement of evacuation;
● Locating individuals who are lost;
● Support to individuals who are in danger through mobilization of local agents.

2.0 MAGNUS Safety Application

Our safety app is linked to the BAR SOS 24/7 emergency response coordination center, giving you the ability to communicate with our control center in the event of a compromising or life-threatening event via the app’s SOS button. In addition, messaging, geospatial information and analytics are brought together in an easy-to-use solution that enables the orchestration of critical information delivered exactly when and where your people need it.

The outstanding features of our app:

● Ongoing mapped locations updates in the app including critical alerts and significant incidents.
● Real time assistance and guidance based on our BAR SOS 24/7 Emergency Response Coordination Center.
● Situational awareness – see where your people are at all times.
● Proactive approach through analysis, prevention and risk mitigation.
● Location-aware messaging app – with embedded awareness, maps and AR augmented reality – to get the information you need ‘just in time’.
● Fast and easy setup, simple and user friendly interface.
● Two-way communication: control center to user. User to control center.

3.0 Risk prevention Push Alerts and Notifications

Our push alerts and notifications are our flagship service, incorporating previous field and research work, updated country risk assessments, guidance and recommendations, weather reports and hazards. We set the right alarm and provide insight into evolving situations by responding to the needs of your people in the field. Our goal is to notify people only when necessary.

5.0 MAGNUS – GARMIN Satellite Device – Satellite communication solution when the mobile network is not available

Mobile networks have limited reliability depending on location and frequent disconnections especially in Uganda, BAR SOS solves this problem by using satellite communication devices.

These devices are linked to our control center and have an SOS button for immediate response. They have become our preferred means of communication in areas without cellular networks around the world, helping us save lives every day

With our unlimited active satellite subscription, there are no restrictions on messaging and SOS communications. The user can communicate via messages from the SATELLITE devices to other SATELLITE devices, even to any phone around the world via SMS and to send an email.